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Denny Genovese's 1st Electronic Music Studio

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Honolulu, Hawaii - 1974

This studio was where I conducted my initial research, looking for keys to designing music for higher consciousness. This was prior to discovering the principles of Just Intonation and Tuning Theory, about three years later. I had already become aware of the Natural Harmonic Series through electronic means (sweeping resonant filters over harmonically rich waveforms, combining tones with a ring modulator, tape speed changes) and in deriving them on guitar strings, but had not yet realized that the series itself could be used as a scale.

Left: Keyboard Instruments; Center and Right: Tape Recorders, Mixers, etc. for Musique Concrete;

Left:  My 1st Home-built Analog Synthesizer;   Right: Electronics Test and Construction Bench

Left: Library;  Right: Parts Storage;

Astonishing for me to look back on now, is that I was playing recordings by Partch, Cowell and Harrison on my New Music Radio Show at that time, but did not yet grasp what exactly they were doing with tuning. Also, I was aware of the microtonal aspects of Indian Music, but had not yet grasped the method of determining the pitches for Ragas and Thats.





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