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About World Harmony Project

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World Harmony Project Inc. is a tax-exempt 501(c)3 nonprofit cultural and educational organization incorporated in the State of Florida (USA) in 1992.


We are listed on Page 24429 of IRS publication 78, which is a listing of current tax-exempt organizations.

You can download this document from the IRS site and see for yourself:

Download IRS pub. 78

To learn about tax deductions for contributions to nonprofit organizations visit the IRS website:



Please participate in our support network  

Our Primary means of support are the generous contributions of  time, money, expertise and other resources made by individuals, businesses, and organizations.

We sometimes charge admission to events, and fees for some services.

We have also received grants from the State of Florida, Alachua County and the City of Gainesville Departments of Cultural Affairs for local and regional events in North Central Florida, USA. 

These grants were supplemented by popular support from the community, including cash contributions and in kind goods and services.

 Volunteer your time, expertise or resources!

Finding your way on our site


World Harmony Project fosters International and Intercultural friendship and understanding by producing and participating in cultural events that highlight traditional and contemporary art forms from around the world.

We promote the application of Wholistic principles to culture and the arts, and the evolution and development of new music and art based upon these principles.



Our purpose is to facilitate the creation of
Natural Harmonic Music.

We are currently documenting what has been produced in our first twenty years of operation and making the material available through this website. We are also documenting and presenting the work of many people who have contributed to the development of Natural Harmonic Music.

In the near future we hope to begin a new phase of creativity, in a new location.

The Basic components of the proposal are as follows:

  • A Music Studio for:

    • Ensemble Rehearsals

    • Composition and Research

    • Recording

    • Teaching

  • A Performing Ensemble - For local and touring performances and workshops

  • A Workshop for building and repairing instruments, sets, props, etc.

  • A Library / Archive - To hold Books, Recordings, Software, Scores and other materials relevant to our mission, which may be accessed by students and researchers.

  • A Budget with which to pay bills and expenses associated with operating the center. This could be generated at least partially by performances, lessons and grants.

All these points were features of the 1st World Harmony Center, that we operated in Gainesville, Florida from 1992-1998.

view the proposal


Our primary support is through the generous contributions of money, time and materials  from people like you.

We also charge admission to some events, and fees for some services. 

For local and regional events in North Central Florida, we have received grants from the State of Florida, Alachua County and the City of Gainesville. These grants were supplemented by popular support from the community, including cash contributions and in-kind goods and services.

What we need most right now:

  1. Land and buildings for the new Center

  2. Funds with which to build and operate the Center

  3. Funds for current needs, such as storage, transportation, and operating costs, including those associated with providing this website.

Please participate in our support network!

Help us to keep expanding this website and to eventually establish a new World Harmony Center. 

1. Use your Credit Card or Paypal account:




2. Or MAIL a tax deductible check in any amount to:

World Harmony Project Inc.
P.O. Box 15464 - Gainesville, Fl 32604 - U.S.A.

Your contribution will be acknowledged and appreciated.


Unless otherwise noted, copy on this site is written by Denny Genovese. Copyrights for articles with "by Denny Genovese" belong to him.  Copyright for everything else on this site, unless otherwise noted belongs to World Harmony Project Inc. Brief quotes are permitted if credit is given to the author and the WorldHarmonyProject.com url is included.













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