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An Advanced Vision for the World Harmony Center

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Proposals for the new World Harmony Center


An alternative, would be to build the Center from the ground up on land with no existing buildings. This could begin with temporary, yurt-like structures and gradually develop over time, and would eventually allow an ideal configuration to grow organically, to optimally serve the needs of the creative project as well as the surrounding communities.

The following vision is for an integrated facility, incorporating all the arts. A smaller version would be for music only.

Proposed World Harmony Project Integral Arts Center

The above illustration is intended as a schematic diagram, showing the essential features of the proposal. It is NOT intended to be an actual site plan, as that will depend upon the topography of the actual site.

An Integration of the Arts

All of the visual and performing arts are gathered here in one venue with the purpose of facilitating an integrated presentation of dramatic works, as well as for the creation and presentation of autonomous works in the individual mediums.

 Each of the arts has it's own dedicated studio in a cluster around the common theater/auditorium/concert hall.

The intended focus of the artistic repertoire is to awaken awareness to help Humanity  grow into greater spiritual, social and ecological harmony.  This purpose is symbolized by the center's essential architectural motif, the five sided pyramid. 



  • Auditorium / Concert Hall

  • Studios for:

    • Music

    • Dance

    • Drama

    • Visual Arts

    • Poetry

    • Puppetry

  • Housing for:

    • Students

    • Faculty

    • Staff

    • Researchers

    • Visitors

    • Volunteers

  • Workshops for building Instruments, Sets, Props:

    • Wood / Bamboo

    • Metals

    • Glass / Plastic

    • Fabric / Leather

    • Drafting and Planning

    • Plant Production

  • Services:

    • Organic Vegetarian Resteraunt

    • Information / Gift Shop

    • Exhibit Hall

    • Offices

    • Meeting spaces

    • Research Facilities

  • Gardens and Permaculture:

    • Organic Fruit Trees

    • Organic Vegetables

    • Flowers and Ornamentals

    • Construction Grade Bamboo

    • Composting Facilities

    • Reforestation on slopes

    • Gazebos for informal talks and enjoyment

    • Plant Nursery

    • Arboretum




The gateway to the Center could include an  Organic Vegetarian Restaurant and Gift shop.

Food for the restaurant would be of the highest quality and grown either at the center or by nearby farmers.

The gift shop will provide items of value to students and visitors, such as books, recordings, art materials, healthful snacks and personal items. 


Housing will be provided for Students, Faculty, Staff, Volunteers and Visitors.

The basic unit is a Penta-hut, a small cabin functioning as a bedroom.

Clusters of these units are gathered around a common kitchen, bath and shower facility to form a small neighborhood.

Neighborhoods will be dedicated to the needs of each of the principle groups of residents i.e.: Students, Faculty, Staff, Researchers, Volunteers and Visitors.

The neighborhoods will surround the auditorium and studios.

Gardens for food, flowers, bamboo, etc., interspersed with gazebos will surround the buildings, providing an atmosphere of natural peace, health and inspiration.

A Model for Sustainability

The Center will be a model for sustainable development, using all the appropriate and available techniques and technologies.

Harmony and Sustainability will be practiced in every possible way.

Reforestation, Perma-culture, Edible and medicinal plants (as well as plants provided for aroma and visual beauty) will be integrated throughout the premises. 

Energy will be provided by the most sustainable means, including solar water heating and clothes drying.

Motorized traffic will be at a minimum.

To the extent possible, noisier activities and disagreeable odors will be downwind and insulated by layers of forest and vegetation.

Smaller version - Music Studio, Workshop and Housing only

Components of the Community we would like to be a Part of:

An even more advanced vision





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