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Educating and Facilitating for Global Sustainability

Proposed World Harmony Project University of Sustainability Campus

University of Sustainability centered around an Arts and Convention Center and a Wholistic Health Retreat

A place to live, learn, communicate and heal.

A learning center and creative community where interested persons of all ages, all professions and from all lands may get hands on experience with sustainable living practices, technologies and food production.

  • International Arts Center

  • Convention Center

  • Wholistic Health Center

  • School of Permaculture

  • Sustainable Technology Center

  • Center for Green Building

  • School of Peaceful Communication

  • Peace Education Center

  • Birth Center

  • Hospice


Throughout the premises, Harmony and Sustainability will be practiced in every way.

Reforestation, Perma-culture, Edible and medicinal plants (as well as those provided for aroma and visual beauty) will be everywhere. 

Energy will be provided by the most sustainable means.

Motorized traffic will be at a minimum.

To the extent possible, noisier activities and disagreeable smells will be downwind and insulated by layers of forest and vegetation.



Each of the following facilities will function both as a school and as a resource center for the local and global communities:

Conference Center

A globally oriented conference and cultural center - Arts, Music, Science, Technology, Philosophy...

International Arts Center

Education, Production, Presentation and Exchange of the Visual arts, Music, Dance, Drama, Poetry, Puppetry...

Wholistic Health Center

Cooperating with nature  to restore and maintain health, promote well being and longevity.

Organic Permaculture Center

Producing food, medicine, flowers and building materials, while maintaining a balance in the natural environment.

Sustainable Technology Center

Learning and implementing renewable sources of energy and green methods of technology.

Center for Green Building

Building quality, attractive shelter in harmony with the environment and the needs of users.

Birth Center

An ideal beginning for future generations, with safe, peaceful conditions and a competent and caring staff.

Children's Center

A loving, supportive educational environment for children, emphasizing nonviolent communication, natural consequences, creativity and problem solving.

Elder Center

A unique and ideal choice for  retirement. Here, in peaceful and healthful conditions, will be an optional opportunity to share valuable experience with the hungry minds of youth.


A conscious, dignified exit from Earthly life, with competent loving support.







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