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World Harmony Project Inc. is a tax-exempt 501(c)3 nonprofit cultural and educational organization incorporated in the State of Florida (USA) in 1992.

check our nonprofit corporation status

We are listed on Page 24429 of IRS publication 78, which is a listing of current tax-exempt organizations.

You can download this document from the IRS site and see for yourself:

Download IRS pub. 78

To learn more about nonprofits and tax exemption, visit the IRS website:



Please participate in our support network  

Our Primary means of support are the generous contributions of  time, money, expertise and other resources made by individuals, businesses, and organizations.

We sometimes charge admission to events, and fees for some services.

We have also received grants from the State of Florida, Alachua County and the City of Gainesville Departments of Cultural Affairs for local and regional events in North Central Florida, USA. 

These grants were supplemented by popular support from the community, including cash contributions and in kind goods and services.



To Make a Financial Contribution:

1. Use your Credit Card or Paypal account:



2. Or MAIL a tax deductible check in any amount to:

World Harmony Project Inc.
P.O. Box 15464 - Gainesville, Fl 32604 - U.S.A.

Your contribution will be acknowledged and appreciated.


To contribute Music, Scores, Photos, Articles, etc. to this website please send an Email to get connected.

If you have Land or a Building that you would like to make available for our New Center, please send an Email.

To learn more about the World Harmony Project, click here.

World Harmony Project

Contact World Harmony Project

* contributions are tax deductible





For the Benefit of All Beings




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World Harmony Project

A nonprofit 501(c)3 Educational and Cultural Organization

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