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Denny Genovese's other Electronic Music Studios

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New Musical Instruments
Harmonic Series Music
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Penta-Hut studio 2003 (used primarily for creating accompaniment tracks for my solo Theremin act)
Left to right: Starrboard (synths, etc. below); Barbara Hero's Lambdoma Keyboard; Casio CZ-101... Theremin at far right

Sarasota, Florida - 1987-1991, while writing New College Thesis, authoring Microtonal MIDI Terminal and producing PRMJI

2003 - Remote traveling studio, entirely  based on one computer + Barbara Hero's Lambdoma Keyboard, while collaborating with Robert Walker to develop the Lambdoma features of Fractal Tune Smithy

1978 Honolulu, HI - Modular Analog Synthesizer and Electronic Organ played with my 1st JI Instruments

1976 - one of the Custom Modular Synths that I built.


1990's - Electronic Music Studio at the Southeast Just Intonation Center





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