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Exotic Music Ensemble

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Left to Right.: Wade Hines, Keton, Dawn Delo, Karen Boon von Ochssee, Bob Neufeld, Denny Genovese, Josh Lederman

Dramatic performers in Colorful costumes played Resonant music with Sculpturesque instruments, going Beyond Style or genres, expressing Clarity, Strength and Originality.

Dancers under colored lights illustrated the polyrhythmic patterns of sound through graceful movement.

With the Musical Instruments of Denny Genovese

The Exotic Music Ensemble was a community orchestra in Gainesville, Florida from 1992 - 1998. It's purpose was three fold:

1. It presented World Music in Just Intonation to Gainesville audiences for seven years. This considerably broadened the scope of the city's cultural life.

2. It provided free musical education and performing experience to over fifty of the Gainesville area's most promising young musicians.

3. It served as a research and development medium for the evolution of World Music and particularly the use of Polyrhythms and Harmonic Series based Just Intonation, as outlined in Genovese's New College thesis, The Natural Harmonic Series as a practical approach to Just Intonation.

The Exotic Music Ensemble recorded the album, NEW MUSIC - ANCIENT PRINCIPLES, which is currently being offered for free on this website for your listening pleasure.

Exotic Music Ensemble 1994

Back row: Joshua Lederman, Buddy Young, Buzz Kimball, Denny Genovese, Wade Hines, Keton, Bob Nuefeld.  Front row: Karen Boon Von Ochssee, Dawn Delo

The ensemble was quite popular in North Central Florida throughout it's life. EME played four concerts each year at Gainesville's Historic Thomas Center, and each of these was shared with a performance by at least one other ensemble that presented authentic music or dance from a traditional or indigenous culture such as India, China, Africa, the Pacific Islands, etc. This model was also used in other performances at various locations, including the Festival of World Music and Culture.

The repertoire was primarily original music written by either Denny Genovese, or other members of the ensemble. Much of this was based on impressions of music from various world cultures. In addition, there were several unique arrangements of pieces from the European Classical tradition and American Jazz.

Most of the instruments used were either built or adapted specifically for this project by composer, Denny Genovese who led the ensemble.

Much inspiration for the Instruments and musical directions came from the work of Harry Partch.

The Exotic Music Ensemble recorded the album, NEW MUSIC - ANCIENT PRINCIPLES

World Harmony Project is planning to resurrect this ensemble in the near future, with a mission to build upon it's past success with more advanced instruments and musical goals.






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