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History of World Harmony Project

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Once upon a time there was a house in the forest, on the shore of a lake at the edge of a very creative town called Gainesville, Florida. Denny Genovese moved into the house, right after graduating from New College in Sarasota, where he had studied Composition, Ethnomusicology and Psychology. He brought with him a moving van full of large unusual musical instruments that he had built in order to make large unusual music.


Denny put the instruments in a room that might otherwise have been used as a sitting room and established a studio where they could be played and recorded. He then invited the most talented musicians in Gainesville to come see and hear them, and to try their hands at playing them. The musicians, many of whom represented musical cultures outside the USA, tended to be enthusiastic, often remarking that one or more of the instruments reminded them of something of their home culture. Yet, it was all fresh and new, with surprises in every note.


After several Jam sessions, Denny invited several of the musicians to join him in creating an ensemble to play his existing compositions for these instruments (and invited them to compose for them as well) so that public performances could be produced. Word got around in the community. The Harn Museum of Art was planning an exhibition of Futuristic Art, and invited the newly formed Ensemble to play for it's opening. All the local media were there, and the ensemble immediately became Gainesville celebrities, with Newspaper articles, Radio interviews and more invitations for performances.

Several Community Leaders attended the shows, and helped to form a nonprofit organization to facilitate support. Because of the World Music direction of the show, and the use of a musical scale that allowed for accurate intonation of music from various lands, the name World Harmony Project was proposed and adopted. In deciding a name for the ensemble, many proposals were rejected as being either not descriptive enough or overly technical. Finally a suggestion by Norman Henry was adopted, and the group became known as Denny Genovese's Exotic Music Ensemble. Collaboration with Dancer-Choreographer, Karen Boon Von Ochssee, brought world dance into the act as well.

The City of Gainesville agreed to co-sponsor four performances per year at the Historic Thomas Center, and a healthy following developed around them.  We were also invited to play at special events at State Parks, City Art Festivals and other venues. Radio Interviews and Newspaper Articles continued as we became more popular in North Central Florida.

We always shared these shows with other acts that offered music and/or dance representing a tradition outside the standard Euro-American repertoire. These included music and dance of India, Asia, Africa, Brazil, the Middle East, the Pacific Islands, and Native America. By 1993, there was enough enthusiasm to produce the First Festival of World Music and Culture, a day-long event at Kanapaha Botanical Gardens that featured Twenty acts, presenting Music and Dance from around the world. Vendors were selected on the basis of authenticity, and various organizations gave talks and presentations to familiarize the public with their cultures.

Many local musicians came to the studio to take music lessons, and some learned to build and maintain instruments, as well. Various people donated more instruments, books, recordings and other materials enabling us to keep an archive and library for research, and a set of instruments and other resources that we loaned to artists in the area. Word of all of this got around to other parts of the country, and people started asking to come and spend time to learn about our music and tuning. Cabins were built in the forest to house them, and people came to stay for varying lengths of time, from a week to a year. Thus what started out as a house in the forest became the Southeast Just Intonation Center.

This activity continued and grew for seven years. A Second Festival of World Music and Culture was presented at the Florida School of Massage in 1995, which was co-sponsored by the State of Florida Department of Cultural Affairs. Over the course of those seven years, over one hundred musicians had either participated in the Exotic Music Ensemble or studied at the Southeast Just Intonation Center.

A recording of the Exotic Music Ensemble was first offered on cassette and later on CD. It is now offered for your free listening pleasure here.



Change is inevitable, and it came to World Harmony Project in the seventh year. The owner of the property died just before the seven year lease was up. His heirs wanted the land, and would not renew the lease. This was catastrophic, as there was no place where we could go immediately to keep our momentum and continue the elaborate programs that had grown on the eleven acre tract of forest. Subsequently, all residencies ceased and the ensemble was disbanded until a new home could be found.

Paul Davenport of the Florida School of Massage had been a major supporter from the beginning and came to the rescue by offering to keep the instruments at the Massage School, until the next place could materialize. Darren Burgess, who had been a student of Denny and worked at the Massage school, cared for the instruments, while building a Just Intoned Amplified Carillon in the same room.

Patrick Pagano, another former student of Denny, coordinated various Just Intonation events in Gainesville for a time, while Shanti Vani and Thierry Mingione continued to present World Music and Dance events for another seven years.

Joshua Lederman, who had been a member of the ensemble and who recorded the album, used the room at the Massage School to host jam sessions with the instruments and make recordings for airing on his weekly radio show, the Sonic Circus.

Meanwhile,  after taking a sabbatical to travel and meet with other microtonalists, Denny Genovese has been scanning paper and digitizing music to make the unique material in our archives available on this website.



In January, 2012 Paul Davenport contacted Denny  to say that he needed his room back at the Massage School, so the instruments and archives are now in a storage unit until we are able to move them to their next location. Denny is grateful to Paul for keeping the instruments safe for fourteen years!

Temporary Studio Space

in Gainesville, Florida

Thanks to Paul and Josey Mauger for donating the use of their recently inherited house in Gainesville, Florida! This is a temporary situation (up to two years), but it provides a window of opportunity for creating new music with the instruments of Denny Genovese. In addition to a large room where the instruments and recording facilities are located, there is a meeting room, kitchen, workshop space and a guest room!

If you are a musician, composer, instrument builder, etc.  and would like to propose or participate in a project using this studio, send an email to get started!



We hope to begin a new phase in a new location in the near future. That will require someone to donate Land, a building or enough money to acquire such, in a suitable area.

Paul Davenport, Patch Adams and Jacob Barton are among the first to contribute toward the next phase. Can you help too?

Contribute to World harmony Project



World Harmony Project was incorporated as a nonprofit educational organization in the state of Florida, and was granted tax-exempt status by IRS under section 501(c)3 in 1992

First Projects, 1992 - 1998:

  • The Exotic Music Ensemble

  • The Southeast Just Intonation Center

  • Four World Music and Dance Performance Events per year

  • The Biannual Festival of World Music and Culture

From 1998 - 1999 Students of Denny Genovese collaborated irregularly as the Southeast Just Intonation Society.

Over the years of 1998 - 2005, Coordinated by Shanti Vani  and Thierry Mingione, we produced numerous International Cultural Events in North Central Florida including:

  • World Music and Dance Performances

  • Earth Day Celebrations

  • Celebrations of Unity, honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

  • Healing Arts Festivals

From 1998 - 2011, The instruments of Denny Genovese were housed at the Florida School of Massage. They were curated by Darren Burgess, builder of the Lambdoma Carillon until 2006, and thereafter by Joshua Lederman, host of the Luna Shack Just intonation music Improvisation, Recording and Radio project.

Every week, Josh Lederman plays an hour of music he has recorded over the last 25 years, including that of the Exotic Music Ensemble, improvisation sessions at the WHP studio ("The Luna Shack" or "The Ape Room") and various other performances. Josh's homepage features links to all the shows, which may be listened to at your convenience over the web.



World Harmony Project was incorporated as a nonprofit educational organization in the state of Florida, and was granted tax-exempt status by IRS under section 501(c)3 in 1992

First Projects, 1992 - 1998:


The Exotic Music Ensemble


The Southeast Just Intonation Center


Four World Music and Dance Performances per year


The Biannual Festival of World Music and Culture

From 1998 - 1999 the Southeast Just Intonation Society collaborated regularly

Over the years of 1998 - 2005, we produced numerous Cultural events in North Central Florida including:


World Music and Dance Performances


Earth Day Celebrations


Celebrations of Unity, honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


Healing Arts Festivals


From 2006-2011 our activities included:


Luna Shack improvisation  and recording project


Teaching Studio


Music Library


Performances of Music in Just Intonation

Radio Shows that feature our Music:


The Sonic Circus  Joshua Lederman has a weekly show on WGOT LP 94.7 FM in Gainesville, Fl - Fridays at 10 PM Josh is an EME alum and is Curator of the Instruments of Denny Genovese,


 Oddmusic Radio Shower    Jacob Barton, Andrew Heathewaite and Odd MusicUC produce a weekly show on  WRFU-LP 104.5 FM Public Radio in Urbana, IL. They play a variety of microtonal music, including that of the EME and Luna Shack. It airs Wednesdays, from 8-9:30 pm.





The New Beginning is Near!

Future plans include the establishment of a new Studio, with facilities to build more custom instruments; a New World Music Ensemble, as a traveling performance and educational unit; and the establishment of an International Cultural Center for expanded learning  and sharing activities.








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