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Jonathan Glasier

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Jonathan Glasier is largely responsible for the current popularity of Xenharmonics, Microtonal Music, Just Intonation, Harmonic Singing and other Tuning Related subjects.

Jonathan grew up in San Diego with Harry Partch as a frequent house guest. His father, John Glasier senior, was a violist and violinist with the San Diego Symphony, who could improvise in many different microtonal scale systems, and was a friend and supporter of Partch.

As a child, he developed a form of Harmonic Singing, before the Tibetan and Tuvan styles were generally known in America, and taught this method to Harry Partch and others.

Jonathan was a member of the Harry Partch Ensemble, the ID Project with Tom Nunn, and the Interval Ensemble, a microtonal group with Ivor Darreg, John Glasier Senior and Prent Rogers.

His instruments are on display in various museums in the United States and Europe, including the San Francisco Exploratorium.

He taught guitar, composition and musicality both privately and in the California School system, and started the music school, Making Music in La Jolla, CA. His teaching strategy was a radical departure from the usual method. His position was that we learn to speak before learning to read and write, and so it should be with music.

The primary class, Beginning Music Experience began with rhythmic speech using bongos, recorder and tenor ukulele to play beats to each syllable in speech, i.e.:  "ev-ry-syl-a-ble-gets-a beat".

He personally cared for Harry Partch in the composer's last years of failing health, and also supported Ivor Darreg to the extent of buying a house for him to live in during his last dozen years or so.

In addition to his life long career as a microtonal musician and instrument builder, Jonathan self published the historic magazineInterval - a Microtonal Newsletter throughout the late 1970's and most of the 1980's.

While Ivor Darreg's Xenharmonic Bulletins appeared from time to time, they were written entirely by Ivor and sent only to his correspondents. John Chalmers Jr. published Xenharmonicon on an irregular basis as well, and this was read by a select few.

When Jonathan

Interval was an important publication, as it was the first microtonal magazine in the United States.

Indexes are available here: http://interval.xentonic.org/ and copies are available directly through Jonathan at:

PO Box 371443

San Diego, CA 92137



With his wife Elizabeth, he is co-proprietor  of the Sonic Arts Gallery in San Diego.

1970's with Ivor Darreg in Glendale

1998 with Joe Monzo and Denny Genovese





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