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New Musical Instruments
Harmonic Series Music
Proposals for the new World Harmony Center


Just Intonation Resources
for Musicians, composers and Students


Harry Partch - Corporeal Meadows

Dean Drummond - Newband

Play Harry Partch's Instruments Online

Huygens-Fokker Foundation Centre for Microtonal Music

The Chrysalis Foundation

Chris Forster's Flute Tuning Method

Sonic Arts

The Just Intonation Ear Trainer by Bill Alves

Tunings - Some applications of the two-dimensional matrix:

Wilson Archive

Joe Monzo's Dictionary of Tuning Terms

Experimental Musical Instruments

Indexes of Interval Magazine

Index of Pitch Magazine

Indexes of Xenharmonikon Magazine

Indexes for the Diapason Press

Writings of John Chalmers Jr.

Musical Instruments for
Just Intonation

Harry Partch

Denny Genovese

Dean Drummond

Jeff Bunting

Ivor Darreg

Buzz Kimball

Barbara Hero

Chris Forster

 Mark Rankin




 Experimental Musical Instruments


Music Software
for Just Intonation and Microtonal Music

These programs are not produced or distributed by World Harmony Project, but are presented here as useful resources for microtonal musicians.


Fractal Tune Smithy


An essential tool for working with Microtonal Scales of all kinds (freeware)

The Swiss Army Knife for Microtonal Composition and Performance (Shareware)


Design, analyse, construct and edit all kinds of Microtonal Scales, find chords, disonance factors. Send tunings to various synths and programs, MIDI relaying via Pitch Bend, Charts, tools, Friendly Support, Free. 

 MIDI Relaying and File Tuning, Lambdoma Keyboard Interface, Polyrhythmic Metronome, Osciloscope, Mouse Theremin, Fractal Composition and more. Friendly help and support. Lot's of information about Tuning included. Inexpensive.


To nominate a program to be listed here

Contact World Harmony Project


The Sonic Circus
Joshua Lederman has a weekly show on WGOT LP 94.7 FM
in Gainesville, FL

Josh plays recordings that he has made of his own music, that of the EME and other musicians over the last 25 years.

 Fridays at 10 PM


Odd Music Radio Shower  

Jacob Barton
Andrew Heathwaite
 produce a weekly show on
104.5 FM

Public Radio in Urbana, IL.

They play a variety of microtonal music. Wednesdays, from 8-9:30 pm.









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