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Pioneers of Harmonic Series Music

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We as a culture are at the very beginning of the era in which more of our music will be fine-tuned to harmonic ratios of frequencies. Everyone who contributes to this is therefore a pioneer of Natural Harmonic Music.

Some of these links go to a separate page for the artist, with photos and links to their writings and music.

If you want to nominate someone for inclusion, please send an Email to contact@worldharmonyproject.com

Pythagoras Herman Helmhotz
Harry Partch Henry Cowell
Ivor Darreg Lou Harrison / Bill Colvig
Jonathan Glasier Erv Wilson
Ralph David Hill George Secor
David Canright Prent Rogers
Denny Genovese Johnny Reinhart
John Starrett Jules Siegel
Norman Henry Buzz Kimball
John Chalmers Jr. Carl Lumma
Mark Rankin Barbara Hero
Jacob Barton Andrew Heathwaite
Chris Vaisvil  

To nominate someone for inclusion, please send an Email.






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