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Denny's Theremin

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Click to hear Matrix with Theremin by Denny Genovese

(click poster to download)

Photo by John Moran

Custom Theremin 
played by Denny Genovese:

Photo by John O'Brian 

A one of a kind instrument:

PAIA Theremax Theremin converts hand movements to Analog Control Voltages

which determine the Pitch, Loudness and Timbre of the ARP 2500 Modular analog synthesizer. This  produces a rich and varied sound.


Control panels:

Top: Paia Theremax 
 Bottom: Arp 2500 modular analog synthesizer

Photo by Denny Genovese


Earth Day Festival - Gainesville, FL

with Josh Lederman on Refretted Guitar

April 25, 2004

Photos by Thierry Mingione

Click to hear Matrix with Theremin by Denny Genovese





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